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By making a planned gift to the Dance Palace, you may increase your income, decrease your taxes, bypass capital gains tax, reduce or eliminate estate tax, provide for your heirs, and provide essential support for the Dance Palace.


The Dance Palace is a member-supported organization.
Your membership dues and contributions help make possible all the programs we provide.


Dance Palace Partners are people dedicated to the West Marin community and to the future of the Dance Palace. These generous souls have made a commitment of 3-year funding in support of the our many programs and services for all ages.



Giving a Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds to the Dance Palace.

EScrip is an easy way to contribute money to the Dance Palace.

We're in need of the following items:

  • A Mac laptop
  • Kids' bathing suits and white t-shirts for Dance Palace Camp
  • Digital cameras (perhaps you've upgraded?)
  • Card Tables
  • Ipod
  • Matching comfortable chairs for our lobby
  • Keyboard
  • Laminator 


Read the frequently asked questions or call 855-500-RIDE (844-500-7433) for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we make donating easy, we understand that sometimes you may have questions regarding the car donation process. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will help provide answers to questions you may have regarding how to donate a car, truck, RV, boat, or other vehicle. 


Want to be involved in community?
Complete community service hours?
Attend concerts and events for free?


Monthly meeting of the Dance Palace Board of Directors, first Tuesday of each month. Members of the community are welcome to
come participate in the meetings and share their ideas and thoughts about Dance Palace programs.
First Tuesday of each month Sept. 1, Oct.
6, Nov. 3 & Dec. 1, 7–9 PM


The Oyster War follows the years-long controversy surrounding the Drakes Bay Oyster Company farm, formerly located in Point Reyes National Seashore. West Marin native Summer Brennan paints a full picture of how the Drakes Bay controversy came to be and investigates the complexities of the dispute and its key players, combined with a deep devotion to her native northern California. Brennan is a UN correspondent in New York City and a former reporter for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Point Reyes Light. Presented by Point Reyes Books.


Inverness Almanac Volume Two Release Party with music by Vetiver, Danny Vitali and the Gospel Flatters



Fukushima Contamination in the Ocean and in the Biosphere

Tim Mousseau, Research Biologist & Professor, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Mousseau has studied the impactsof radioactive contaminants on biological communities in the Chernobyl region of Ukraine and Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. His research suggests that many species of birds, plants and animals have experienced direct toxicity as a result of the Chernobyl
and Fukushima disasters. This mutational load has had dramatic consequences for development, reproduction and survival, and the effects observed at individual and population levels are having significant impacts on these regions.


Dragon Gate Qi Gong (Long Men Qi Gong)

Long Meng Qi Gong is from the Dragon Gate school of Daoism. It is an internal cultivation practice that nourishes life by clarifying the meridians of stuck Qi, opening the gateways of energy, training the breath, strengthening the body and producing Qi. Dragon Gate Qi Gong is a powerful set to replenish inner resources and nourish the spirit.

Class size is limited, please register early.